"News/Whats Trending Pieces"

Social media

“Quick news/What’s Trending” Piece



Preditor (Shooter and Editor)

I wanted to show a quick sample from conception to completion of the "quick news" segments taking over on social media on the topic about "dancers" mixed with my own social media campaign #whydoyoucut

"Music Style Cinematography"

Sammi Tai - “A Freestyle”


Freestyle dance from Sammi Tai of "V.A.S.T"


A spur of the moment freestyle dance to one of the greatest hip hop trios of all time.



Summer Love (Beyond There Remix) - Nightmares on Wax


Like it Like that - A Tribe called Quest


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Elderly couple killed by drunk driver:

News 12 Video PKG Segment



Platform: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Subject: News

Station: News 12 Westchester

Bant - "Gasoline"



Music Video for R&B singer and songwriter Brian "BANT" Butler

Camera work collaboration with Canon 7D and Mark III

Edited on Final Cut Pro 7


"Dramatic Rhinoplasty SEO clilp"


SEO Clip produced and edited for

Dr Thomas Loeb, MD Plastic Surgeon

New York, NY


Camera/Edit/Texts: Scott Baker

"Serious Alix" book Web Ad


Promo ad for B. F. Murray children's book "Serious Alix"


Produced/Director/Editor - Scott Baker

"Sizzle Reels/Trailers"

"Weddings/Celebratory Events"

The Melting Pot - Pilot trailer


Reality show pilot - Made while holding position at small Dish network Pan Desi

Roles and duties:

Camera man during Production (Sony DVX 100)

Episode and trailer editor during Post Production (Final Cut Pro 7.3)

Club Promo: DJ Rey-Mo


Three events in one night promo done for Power 105.1 DJ Rey-Mo

Camera - Canon 7D standard kit Lens and 50mm Lens

Editing - Final Cut Pro 7


As seen on:


The Union of Jameel & Alexis


Abriged version of Jameel and Alexis wedding.

Moments captured along with highlights of the evening.


Two DSLR setup

Wireless lav mic, H4N Zoom

Adobe Premiere CS6


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